Physicians and Health Care Providers

Our Unique Team of Professionals

Illinois Health Care attorney Michael Favia,  is a prominent attorney who has held numerous governmental positions, including Chief Attorney for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR), now IDFPR. During his eight years with IDPR, he directed statewide enforcement of the professional licensing statutes, including the Medical Practice Act. As Chief of Prosecutions, he supervised attorneys, investigators and support personnel at IDPR involved in the statewide regulation of health care professionals, including:

• chiropractors • pharmacists
• clinical counselors • physical therapists
• clinical psychologists • physicians
• dentists • psychiatrists
• nurses RNs, LPNs, APNs • podiatrists
• obstetricians • respiratory therapists
• occupational therapists • surgical assistants
• optometrists • surgeons
• osteopaths • veterinarians

Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants utilizes the expertise of prominent Illinois medical attorneys, former governmental employees, former licensing/disciplinary board members and other highly experienced consultants to provide the most effective representation of its clients. Rounding out our team are shrewd private investigators, some of whom also previously worked at the IDPR. Their intimate knowledge of IDFPR’s modus operandi is an immeasurably important resource for our clients.

National Practitioner Data Bank

Our Illinois malpractice attorneys understand how important it is for health care professionals not to have unfavorable information reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Our ample experience in negotiating consent settlements – that prevent this from happening – is a major benefit to our clients. Protecting your Illinois medical license is crucial to your professional success.

In addition to issues involving the IDFPR, our health care attorneys also focus on representing health care providers before the Illinois Department of Public Aid. Whether you need preparation to appear for a peer review, representation before the Medical Quality Review Committee of IDPA or defense at an administrative hearing regarding your participation in the Medical Assistance Program, we will stand by you. Our medical attorneys also represent physicians and health care providers who are under criminal investigation for alleged Medicaid fraud.

Medical/Legal Consultations and Negotiations

Frequently our Illinois attorneys engage in conflict resolution among physician groups, negotiate employment agreements and counsel health care providers on a variety of business matters ranging from the legality of advertising to establishing a new medical office. Our highly reputable professional consultants are dedicated to serving licensed health care providers with all their litigation needs, including:

  • insurance claims
  • conflict resolution
  • wrongful discharge issues
  • medical staff disciplinary proceedings
  • summary suspensions
  • all types of administrative law hearings
  • DEA proceedings
  • business law
  • real estate law
  • premises liability suits
  • contract dispute litigation
  • enforcement or defense of restrictive covenants
  • Medicare and Medicaid disputes
  • hospital privileges, HMO and PPO disputes
  • all types of administrative law hearings


With 20+ years of legal experience, Chicago Attorney Michael Favia has constantly been designated as a “Leading Attorney” by his peers pursuant to a statewide survey conducted by Leading Attorneys Network. As an Illinois health care lawyer, he has gone above and beyond his peers by writing and lecturing extensively on topics of concern to physicians and other health care providers. The following list of lectures and publications provides insight into his comprehensive knowledge regarding legal/medical issues.

Lectures by Attorney Michael V. Favia

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Publications by Attorney Michael V. Favia

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