Business Related Professional Licensing

Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants, Ltd. is an aggressive group of attorneys, former board members and private investigators who have previously worked for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (now known as the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or IDFPR), under which falls the Division of Banks and Real Estate, Division of Insurance and the Division of Professional Regulation.

This group of legal and investigative professionals has banned together to offer the benefits of their collective knowledge at IDPR to all professionally licensed individuals in the State of Illinois who:

  • have licensing matters with the IDFPR
  • are being investigated by the IDFPR
  • are subject to prosecution by IDFPR and/or
  • are involved in any other litigation matters stemming from their profession.

We offer our clients THREE unique advantages:

  1. Our immensely valuable first-hand knowledge of licensing issues and familiarity with the internal operations of IDFPR;
  2. Many years of experience in litigation and investigations at IDPR; and
  3. Intimate knowledge of the Department’s investigation process and administrative law hearing procedures, as well as Illinois licensing statutes.

Our Team of Professionals

CEO Michael Favia, J.D., is a prominent attorney who has held numerous governmental positions, including that of Chief of Prosecutions for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation . During his eight years with IDPR, he directed statewide enforcement of all licensed professions and supervised attorneys, investigators and support personnel at IDPR.

Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants, Ltd. also utilizes the expertise of other prominent attorneys, former governmental employees, former licensing/disciplinary board members and other highly experienced consultants to provide its clients with the most effective representation. Our litigation team includes as co-counsel the law firm of Goldberg & Frankenstein, whose attorneys have over two decades of experience in licensing issues and profession-related litigation.

Rounding out our team of competent professionals are sophisticated private investigators, some of whom have previously worked at the IDPR. Their intimate knowledge of IDFPR’s modus operandi is an immeasurably important resource for our clients.

Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants, Ltd. provides quality legal representation to business-related licensed personnel regulated by the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation, including:

• architects • hairdressers
• athletics • insurance brokers and agents
• barbers • nail technicians
• detectives • real estate brokers and agents
• funeral directors • social workers

We are committed to representing licensed individuals of the State of Illinois in all pre-licensing, licensing and disciplinary matters involving the IDFPR, as well as in general or civil litigation, legal consultations, real estate law and business law.

Legal Consultations and Negotiations

Frequently our attorneys engage in conflict resolution, negotiate employment agreements and counsel licensed individuals on a variety of business matters involving real estate law and business law. In fact, prior to practicing law, Michael Favia was an insurance adjuster for State Farm Insurance Company, where he learned valuable skills as a negotiator and claim handler. He continues to be highly respected in the legal community for his perceptive and insightful insurance law and conflict resolution strategies.

Our highly reputable attorneys and expert investigators are dedicated to serving all your litigation needs, including:

  • insurance claims
  • conflict resolution
  • wrongful discharge issues
  • disciplinary proceedings
  • business law
  • real estate law
  • premises liability suits
  • contract dispute litigation
  • enforcement or defense of restrictive covenants
  • all types of administrative law hearings

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With over 20 years of legal experience, Attorney Michael Favia has constantly been designated as a “Leading Attorney” by his peers pursuant to a statewide survey conducted by Leading Attorneys Network. When it comes to health care law, he has gone above and beyond his peers by writing and lecturing extensively on topics of concern to physicians and other health care providers. The following list of lectures and publications provides insight into his comprehensive knowledge regarding legal/medical issues.